Hi ! Joy, Hi ! Tom, Hi ! Rob, ...

We are Hi!Mobee, a friendly and cheerful French brand that protects and motivates users of alternative transportation. We invent really effective accessories to allow you to share public spaces more safely. After all, there is no reason why we should be more vulnerable because we are protecting the planet!

Today, we need you to continue our mission and drive the mobility of tomorrow that is safer and more sustainable.  Join the adventure and let us know your thoughts on our harness!

Who we are ?

We are Eric and Nicolas, two cyclists convinced by the advantages of all soft mobility, whether they are ecological, economic or for our physical and mental well-being. Aware of the hazards related to the visibility of users, we start the adventure in 2016 by developing the Weelight harness. An innovative product that ensures visibility and understanding of cycling by motorists to avoid collisions.

After all, there is no reason why we should be more vulnerable because that we are protecting the planet ;).

Weelight, the beginning of the adventure

In 2018, we receive the Connected Object Award and the 1st Start-Up Award Blois weekend for our Weelight harness. Encouraged in our mission, we're fine-tuning the design for another two years and launch commercialization in 2020.

Our ambition: to develop reliable and truly reliable products to promote the use of soft mobility.

Yes, you read it right, other innovations are in reflection, so if you want to discover our projects and crash tests, follow us on facebook !